credium is an AI-company
focused on building analytics.

Providing actionable building data
in the blink of an eye.

High Quality.

Adress Specific.

The Challenge

High-quality building and property data are currently not consistently available.
These data must be manually collected and verified by hand.
This is...

Our Solution

credium provides high-quality, nationwide building data in the fraction of a second.
Only based on an adress.


credium focuses on insurance companies, building financing and the sustainability sector.
With credium you can improve efficiency, data quality and therefore the customer experience.

Our Advanced Technology

credium is based on world-leading geospatial data analysis.
We build upon state of the art research and practical insights.
Our Artificial Intelligence combines and analyzes thousands of terabytes of data sources.

Aerial Imagery

3D Point Cloud

Cadestrial Data

Our Supporters

We are fortunate and thankful to be backed by a fantastic network of supporters.